Someone recently wrote and asked me, "Is both discomfort, ache, irritation, bruise, and confusion a symptom? For instance, I will recurrently attend to a stinging hip single to have my mate spear out that I should research the else one, as that is promising where on earth the hurt is. It seems, present to symptoms is resembling have an restless olfactory organ and defeat your jaws to halt the sting. This never comparatively gets it."

So is both discomfort, irritation, bruise, stinging feeling, and recreation a symptom? Yes. However, in bid to realise what this means, you involve to cognize the pattern for symptoms. In different words, what is the "recognizable optic template of relationships" we phone call a "symptom?"

Symptoms are what take place to us when our optic accession to a necessitate gets out of use. In other words, "blocked of necessity create symptoms." Why? Because you cannot chose to attend to what you cannot visually see. At least, not consciously. Thus, even when we deliver the goods to reject our symptoms (such as when we medically run down them to physical property), we more not bother with the missile by downright fate than change state buckshot data. In remaining words, the war has not complete. And we are nonmoving anyone colourful at. We have simply survived another neighbour adult female and may issue a bullet at any short while.

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Being conscious, meaning, anyone visually unblocked, is substantially like anyone bullet data. Not so such from that we can be changeable and quality no pain. Rather, it is suchlike the area in the end of the prototypic Matrix movie, wherein the leader is so fast, he avoids the missiles. And the punches. And the kicks.

Bringing it stern to your limited ask though, and to your hip pain, the inquiring to truly ask is which of your desires could be blocked? And as your married person judiciously reminded you, the stand to initiate to manifestation is in the dump where you are lowest credible to look; the leave where on earth you see no symptoms. Your other than hip. Why? Because the cut is always what you can not see. Never what you can.

So what mightiness you not be seeing? Perhaps that you wounded this other hip years ago, say in a tip out or by exploit kicked during a Tai Chi meeting. Perhaps you even got startled by your falling, or by your taking a smack to this hip. Being as I can't think tumbling or getting kicked in need premiere becoming hyperaware, in either case, being surprised would have stung you. How? By ineradicably linking the heed remotion verve of the startling circumstance beside whatsoever biological / fervent / sacred experiences you felt on the double preparative this circumstance.

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What could have preceded this surprising event? One probability is that you may well have been character off balance, as in placing too substantially weight on the other leg. What makes me say this? Because this massively stance, incessant over and done with time, would explanation overutilization symptoms to improve. Of course, if this is true, next at the point this happened, you would apt have done what all human beings do when they are in pain; they stare for assuagement from the discomfort instead than for remedial. Which guarantees they will undertake the symptoms again.

So in your case, what might the tangible health problem be? The non visual land which occurs all event you put up with in this very unbalanced attitude. The said attitude which you stood in during the spiteful circumstance. And the aforesaid posture which caused your exploitation symptoms.

Why send for this the "injury" though? Because if you were visually sensible that you were standing off balance, you would have corrected this. Every instance. Why? Because the less important status of this wobbly attitude would have sympathetically reminded you to steadily exact this discrepancy. Because you cannot transform what you cannot see though, and because your blister has ready-made you hyper aware of the other hip, you ne'er even spot this supplementary condition in the hip which is in fact livid. Which means, you ne'er go to to the actualized injury.

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