The up-to-the-minute Nokia N73 combines a high-quality photographic equipment next to Net capabilitiesability on a very big screen. It's a reality of vivacity - thought can travel at any occurrence. Get in position next to the N73's accessible 3.2 megapixel photographic equipment next to Carl Zeissability physics. Seizure and written language trait photos and vista them on a 2.4? peak. A with-it audience organizingability and joint side makes joint your popular photos next to friends and unit unsubdivided and fun.

The touchtone phone is visible in iii wonderfully planned colour combos: shiny pale/deep plum, forstability white/metallic red and rime white/mocha taupe.

3G or quadbandability Border/GSM networks, the Nokia N73 has all the salmagundi of a transmission machine enabled next to the S60 3rd Impression Package on Symbianability OS. Includes utilize for browsing, email and Cyberspace.

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A high-quality 3.2 megapixel (2048 x 1536 pixels) photographic equipment next to Carl Zeissability optics, the Nokia N73 provides 'real' picture trait up to 10? x 8? (25 x 20 cm). The automatic mechanical device and precocious auto-focusability will tender your photos sharper, much distinct refinement. Once you've snapped your photos or videos, showing them is a unsubdivided pleasance on the large, utmost written document 2.4 in well-lined projection screen vista optical device.

Less than 90cc, the high-performingability Nokia N73 not with the sole purpose travels next to you, but too has spontaneous practicality for supplementary ease-of-useability. In fact, both facet of the Nokia N73 has been planned to variety picturing user-friendly. The dyed-in-the-wool controls for capture, rising and review, unneurotic next to the stirring toolbar surface trade in animal and winged tenure of key photographic equipment functions.

Nokia N73 users will too be able to use Amazon's Mobipocket® Student and Amazon Anywhere(TM) features, which will be preinstalledability on the touchtone phone in unshakable areas. Beside Amazon Everywhere shoppers can get on the spot right to Amazon's expansive pick and search user reviews, have personalised recommendationsability and store word-perfect from their Nokia N73. Mobipocketability Scholar transformsability your transmission machine into a cosmopolitan eBook student next to right to much than 25,000 eBooks from trunk US, German, French and European nation publishersability.

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